Spring Break, Foal Watch, Events opening and SNOW????


WS Natalie and "Bo"

WS Natalie and "Bo"

OKay, so this morning, it’s snowing. Yes, SNOWING!!!!!! May Daze opened today, Greater Dayton opened last week and Area VIII is warming up it’s eventing season, and it’s snowing. UGH! Just the thought of galloping across our area’s fabulous cross country courses warms me up!
Last week was absolutely a blast with our working students here. ALthough the weather made many things difficult, we were able to get a few things done on and off the horses.
Now, full time foal watch begins. Our Mane book Trakehner mare, Fedora is expecting her third foal by our oldest stallion, Elijah. We can hardly wait and everyone is giddy with the excitement of a new foal. There’s just something about spring in the bluegrass. Any bets on whether it’s a filly or colt? Chestnut coloring is a given…..markings anyone? Keep watching our blog. We’ll post photos and make the birth announcement as soon as she folas. Well, maybe after we all catch up on some sleep.
So, who’s joining us at Greater Dayton Horse Trials? MayDaze anyone? Sayer School Combined Test? Flying Cross Mini Trial? So many choices, so little time.


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