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4 Days at MayDaze

May 29, 2009

What a weekend for WRF!!!! It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing your first event at BN, or a seasoned professional at the upper levels. There’s something very special about competing and galloping across the Kentucky Horse Park, where all of the best of the best compete. It’s just magical!

Gretchen and Midnight Jubilee:

Gretchen showed improvement in every area of competition in her first ever USEA sanctioned event. In BN, they were 6th after dressage in a large division and were DOUBLE CLEAN in BOTH stadium AND cross country, finishing on their dressage score and moving them up to complete theri first big outting together in 4th Place !!! How cool is that???? Gretchen was smiling so big at theirDSC_0150maydaze3 achievements.

Lindsay and Mt. Fuji: WERE FABULOUS !!! They have worked so very hard the last couple of months and it paid off. Dressage is so very hard for Fuji right now, and he proved that he truly can be on the bit and coming nicely from behind. They put in a respectable stadium, and went double clean on cross country to finish in 8th in another large division of BN. There are no ‘small’ divisions when you compete at the KHP ! I am so proud of their perseverance and tenacity. They will be doing great things as the season progresses.DSC_0080DSC_0209




Lourie and Star: Oh my gosh !!!!! Talk about coming together as a team!! Lourie’s FIRST USEA competition, and first Horse Trail in, well, let’s say it’s been a REALLY LONG time !!!! Lourie rode her best dressage score to date and put a lovely 28% on the board to start the weekend off in FIRST place! A picture perfect DOUBLE clear stadium AND cross country allowed them to set the tempo for the rest of us to follow and raise the bar! Lourie said she’d never won anything before. WOW! What a way to make a debut, LourieDSC_0105DSC_0167DSC_0236! I couldn’t be happier for them and I am so absolutely stoked to be coaching such a wonderful group of ladies! Congratulations to ALL!

DSC_0194Congrtats to our friend and stablemate Natalie and Bo, for their 3rd. place finish!!maydaze1    

     Jeri and ELijah at right.      

Natalie and “Bo”, below.                            




Bunny is a month old!!!

May 20, 2009

We can’t help take a big sigh of relief at making it past one month for our little orphan foal. The “Bunster” aka Bunny is growing and doing great. We think he’ll soon be able to hang out with “uncle” Fluff-N-Nutter, the super pony. Fluffy is open to the idea, Bunny can’t understand why “Mom” is leaving him with THIS creature! He still follows Jeri around like she’s his Mom, the only Mom he’s known. He accompanies her for lessons, helps setting up jumps, and enjoys practicing his jumping. Come see him soon. He’ll be following in his Daddy’s bunny2bunnybunny3footsteps one day soon.

Greater Dayton HT

May 20, 2009

Elijah made his competitive return Preliminary this year, after nearly 10 years out of upper level competitioin.
What a trooper he was. His dressage improved in some areas, while the wind and rain gave us challenges in his canter work. Still, he gave a respectible test.  Jeri was most excited about his stadium jumping! He was absolutely steller to jump an almost clear round. Jeri took a deep sigh of relief after the triple combination, and then thought, “oh gosh, there’s one more fence”.  Needless to say, he pulled te last rail. Cross country was a breeze for him. The footing was getting better and better, in spite of all the rain. Still,  Jeri chose to go for a qualifying score, and come home with a perfectly sound, confident horse. Thus, taking a very conservative route and racked up the time penalties, but jumped clean and agressively.  He’s greaterdayton2greaterdaytonBAAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKK.