Greater Dayton HT

Elijah made his competitive return Preliminary this year, after nearly 10 years out of upper level competitioin.
What a trooper he was. His dressage improved in some areas, while the wind and rain gave us challenges in his canter work. Still, he gave a respectible test.  Jeri was most excited about his stadium jumping! He was absolutely steller to jump an almost clear round. Jeri took a deep sigh of relief after the triple combination, and then thought, “oh gosh, there’s one more fence”.  Needless to say, he pulled te last rail. Cross country was a breeze for him. The footing was getting better and better, in spite of all the rain. Still,  Jeri chose to go for a qualifying score, and come home with a perfectly sound, confident horse. Thus, taking a very conservative route and racked up the time penalties, but jumped clean and agressively.  He’s greaterdayton2greaterdaytonBAAAAAAAAAAACCCCKKKK.


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