Congratulations Holly !!!!!

We are so pleased to announce that 10 yr. old Holly R. of Ohio completed her first ever All American Youth Horse Show at the Ohio State Fairgrounds last month ! This show is HUGE, and open for ages 18 and under. Following in her mother’s footsteps, or should we say, “hoofprints”, Holly did great for her first time at a show of this caliber. Holly’s Mom writes: She was moving up from walk/trot to all-around events this year so this was her first time to canter in competition, ride hunt seat, and do patterns!! We were so proud of her!! She worked so hard and looked great. She definitely did not look like the beginner she actually is. She had a few problems in Horsemanship and Equitation but still managed to execute some very difficult patterns. Her Equitation pattern required a counter canter on a very tight circle and a lead change!
For those of us who are eventers, or dressage riders, we know how hard it is to execute a lead change, not to mention a counter canter! This is a Preliminary Eventing level movement, and they had it on the patterns for the 10 yr. old kids !!!!! WOW ! Way to go Holly !
Holly finished in the top ten in her classes, after several splits each, and came home with two 8th place finishes. What a fabulous job!
Wind Ridge Farm was pleased that Holly came down to Kentucky for a little tune-up before her Youth Show debut and we were so proud to have been one of her sponsors for this enormous horse show ! We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next ! Keep up the great work, Holly!Holly


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