Team CEO Horse Trials

Teddy's first dressage

Teddy's first dressage

Grant and Fluff dressage

Grant and Fluff dressage

Gretchen and Jubilee over the last fence

Gretchen and Jubilee over the last fence

If you have not competed at an event hosted by Team CEO, in Lexington, Ky., you are really missing out ! The crew at Team CEO is truly top notch and do everything possible to make sure that a fun time is had by all.
We had 3 horses competing, as Jeri’s BN mare had to be scratched at the last minute.
Gretchen continues to improve her dressage score at each and every event, proving that she is working hard. She scored in the upper 30’s, which was fabulous considering she moved up a level to test the waters! Her cross country was a great experience for both she and Jubilee. Mini Trials are the best for trying new levels, and gaining confidence. They chose to ride conservatively, picking up a few time faults, and one little stop. Still, they both came across the finish line with BIG smiles and ready to go again. Stadium jumping is always a breeze for Jubilee and she likes to jump HIGH adn FAST ! Her enthusiasm, and Gretchen’s willingness to go along cost her one rial. Still, they finished in the ribbons and walked away knowing that they are progressing.
Our youngest member of WRF, Grant made his debut at his first ever horse trial. Grant remembered his new dressage tet, and put in a very solid score. He did a super job at maintaining the trot, much to Fluff-N-Nutter’s dismay. Fluff would rather walk the entire test, thank you very much! Next came the cross country. This was Grant’s first, but old hat for our little Welsh pony. Knowing how exuberant this pony gets when ‘on course’, our friends at Team CEo allowed Mom to accompany Grant and Fluff-N-Nutter aruond the WHOLE course in cross country and stadium !! At one point on the cross cuontry, Grant says” How are we doing on time, am I’m okay?” Jeri replied, “we’re fine Grant, they don’t time this level”. Grant thinks for a second and says, “Are you sure? I don’t want to have any time penalties, maybe you should run faster”. Ha! Jeri got her exercise, and then some, this weekend.The folks at Team CEO are so good at making sure everyone is safe and enjoys their horse trial experience. We cannot thank them enough for giving Grant such a supportive start like this. Grant, Fluff-N-Nutter, and don’t forget Mom, had clear rounds in both cross country and stadium to finish in 4th!
Our young horse, Teddy, also made his competitive debut ! His dressage was second, well, to only one with a lovely score of 29 !!! He is becoming quite a little workman and really enjoys having a job. He brightens our day everytime we walk into the barn with his ears forward and always looking for attention. Teddy was very brave on his first cross country course, well, until the next to the last fence. The small log sat right up against the Prelim. brick house. Teddy was pretty sure that something was going to jump out from inside the house and decided to avoid it all together. Thus giving him a run-out and costing him 2nd. place. Stadium was too easy for him and he didn’t know wether to hop over the cross rails, or trip over them. He was a joy to ride and we can’t wait to see what his future holds.


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