U.S. Pony Club Quiz Nationals

Closng ceremonies/Quiz only...Where's Waldo?

Closng ceremonies/Quiz only...Where's Waldo?

DSC_0019As many of you know, Gretchen qualified for the Eastern US Pony Club Nationals by winning the regional quiz in Nashville, Tn. this past February. So, last Wednesday, she and Jeri made the 7 hour trip to Lexington, Virginia to represent the Mid-South Region. There were about 44 teams total, representing regions from as far away as Alaska. Gretchen was in the Junior-D division that included 24 teams. As the only Junior-D from the Mid-South region to attend nationals, Gretchen was put on a composit team made up of three others from across the country. The competition was fierce ! These clubbers sure do know their stuff ! National Quiz: 2 1/2 days of oral questions, written tests, hands on barn testing, and LOTS of nerves !! Anyone know how much a Polocrosse ball weighs? What two boots make up a combination boot? What are the letters understood down center line? What does it mean to ‘cast’ the hounds? Whew !! Some she knew, and a few she didn’t. All in all, her team finished in 13th place. Individually, Gretchen finished in a strong 8th place out of about 96 other kids !!!!! How cool is that ? Unfortunately, Nationals only ribbons team efforts, and individuals are not recognized, as they are in regionals. We’re VERY proud of her achievement, skills, and knowledge that will carry Gretchen far into the future. What a wonderful program Pony Club is.
On a different note, obviously, we’re not at Penny Oaks this weekend. Family medical issues prevail. We are planning on attending Jump Start, Flying Cross, and Mid-South Team Challenge. Let us know if you’re going to any of these and we’ll be sure to cheer you on to victory ! Keep your heels down and the fuzzy side up !


One Response to “U.S. Pony Club Quiz Nationals”

  1. widespreadpanic Says:

    Congratulations to Gretchen!!! WOW….. 8th of 96??????????? That’s amazing!

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