Go Gretchen Go !!!

Anyone have a snorkel??

Anyone have a snorkel??

It seemed as though animals should be lining up two by two, instead of competing at Jumpstart Horse Trials this past weekend. A reported 4+ inches of rain fell in the Louisville area last week leaving everything a muddy mess and Lexington didn’t seem to be any drier. Having only one beginner novice ride for the weekend allowed us the privilage of sleeping in on Saturday and shipping into the Ky. Horse park by lunch. Thankfully, the rain had just stopped minutes before we arrived, however, it was still a swim down to the dressage complex. Warm-up was like soup, and the dressage show rings weren’t much better. Gretchen and Jubilee put in a solid test, possibly her second best to date. Very steady, soft and fluid. Although scoring seemed a little low throughout, everyone was in the same boat (excuse the pun). Landing in a solid 4th place after dressage,out of a large division of 20 riders, cross country was in less than two hours which allowed for the rain to soak in a little bit more, but after this much rain…does it really matter? Gretchen set out of the start box with her plan of attack, and the last rider of the day. Taking all the inside lines, and trotting in a few places where the footing was exceptionally deep and nowhere to go except right through it- off she went on a mission to ride clean and try and make time without risking any injury to her beloved partner. A picture perfect double clear round, 11 seconds under optimum time moved her into second place going into stadium the next day.jumpstart092
So we get up the next morning with the idea in our heads that stadium didn’t begin until noon…..Mom had accidently looked at Saturday’s schedule, instead of Sunday’s and mistakenly thought the 2pm start time said 12pm……Wait, it gets better.
So, Gretchen gets up at 4am and heads off to Keeneland to work, then to KHP to remove feed “Jubes” remove poultice, and head back to the Tudor home for a liesurely breakfast. Arriving back to the park around noon, it quickly comes to our attention that stadium actually began at 8am !!! GULP!!! They were about 40 rides out from Gretchen, and they had already had the coursewalk ! So much for Gretchen’s early afternoon nap before stadium. Gretchen planted herself at the start gate to watch several rides go and memorize the course. I went back to the barn to get her horse ready and pray that my sometimes directionally challenged 13 yr. old could remember her course and put in a clear round without walking it first. Another gulp !! It had rained even more on Saturday night, causing more mud = more changes to the Prelim. and Training cross country. The stadium rings, in preparatin for the WEG 2010, have the most awesome footing that drains so well, it was like watching riders jump in freshly watered arenas. No standing water in big puddles, no slippery spots, just sponge-like sand. There had already been several refusals and many rails in her division. Big deep breath, and it was time to jump. Jubilee was completely oblivious that these were stadium fences and really tried hard to do a little more than gallop. Still, she was our little jumping bean once again ! She and Gretchen had a fabulous round, giving her another double clear score and allowing her to finish the weekend on her dressage score in a very solid second place. Way to go, Gretchen !!! Many thanks to our friends at Team CEO. It was great fun stabling with them and sharing in their successes as well !jumpstart09


4 Responses to “Go Gretchen Go !!!”

  1. Lindsay Says:


  2. Beth Says:

    Gretchen, you are my hero!!! Congratulations on a job well done. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. windridgefarm Says:

    Photos are complements of Mike Goodwin and Howard Moore.

  4. Frosty Says:

    Thank you mother, and it is true I am directionally challenged. ๐Ÿ˜›

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