OCTOBERFEST & Area V Championships

I-Maxx and Lindsay Made their competitive debut this weekend in the green starter combined test. This was only the third time Max had been ‘off the farm’ with Lindsay. She and Max have been partners for just a couple of months and Max is an OTT and cute as they come. Dressage warm-up was better than I’ve seen him yet. He was relaxing and coming through more and more with every stride. A last circle of the dressage ring and the judge rang a whistle (we were really hoping for a bell here….ex-race horse). Max immediately put his head as high in the air as he could, inverted his back, and looked for the starting gate. He couldn’t figure out why noone was bolting down the stretch yet. Together, they put in an accurate, although very speedy into. test. A new beginning for Max and a testament to Lindsay’s patient way of riding. Stadium was fabulous ! Although, I admit, I arrived to only see their last fence. However, the mile wide smile on Lindsay’s face spoke volumes that words could not fill. Max has learned so much this weekend and gained an enormous amount of confidence, both in his rider, and most importantly in himself. They will spend some time in the dressage ring this winter and debut in the winners circle next spring.DSC_0328
Beth and Precision Cast Also making their competitive debut as new partners were Beth and “Fuji”. This was Beth’s first Horse trial in two years, and Fuji’s first Novice in, well, a long time. I love watching Beth ride. She sits so very well for her dressage and was blessed with that lovely long dressage leg that the rest of us envy for ourselves. Fuji has made great strides in the 6 or so short weeks that Beth has owned him. He has gained muscle, weight all over, and a rejuvenated work ethic after spending the summer on R & R. Together, they had a lovely first dressage test, very fluid and consistant to land them in a 3-way tie for 3rd. place. Heading off on cross country this morning, Fuji was more than ready to take the bit and run with it. Beth’s Mom (whom I’ve not seen in 20 years or more) and I were both wiping tears of pride as Beth entered the big infield at the Ky. Horse park praising Fuji with every stride. I could actually hear her laughing with joy on course. Now that’s a paycheck of the heart…to know that you’ve had a very small hand in bringing happiness to another. This, my former best friend from H.S.– Horses do that to us; bring us together with friends as though we’ve never lost touch, never skipped a beat. They are a common denomenator that bridges all other issues in society. STADIUM: As if cross country wasn’t easy enough, standing at over 17 hands, Fuji could litterally step over the stadium fences. He and Beth made the course look like grid work and moved themselves into a solid 2nd place, finishing on their dressage score !!!!DSC_0321
Lourie and Star Challenged themselves by competing in both the Novice and Training combined tests this weekend. A chilly, blustery day fell on the Horse Park for dressage. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. Rain, sleet, and wind seem to be the norm at horse trials this fall. BBBBRRRRRRRRRRR. Star decided this was the time to really show everyone his Arabian ancestory for his dressage. Normally, he’s very consistant and Lourie does such a great job of riding a steady, foot perfect test. Star had other ideas this weekend. He showed off by demonstrating his passage, extensions and hand gallop—whether the test required it or not !!! I think we were all releaved that Lourie kept her cool and kept Star from jumping out of the ring. Both stadium rounds were challenging riders with bending lines and a few tight turns. A quick ‘tune-up’ in the warm-up and Lourie had two of her best stadium rounds of the year. Her Training round was the best I’ve seen her ride. They were absolutely steller, finishing both divisions on their dressage score in 6th and 10th places, respectively. CSC_0388A wonderful move-up to the next level experience for everyone this weekend. Congratulations to each of you. You guys are the BEST !!!
AREA V Training Championships:
THIS JUST IN: Sydney Elliott has just WON the Area V Training Level Championships on Wind Ridge Farm’s, Permesso !!!! Permesso is the son of our Trakehner X stallion, Elijah and has only been under saddle 16 months !!!!! Can you stand it ? He was also 3rd. at the American Eventing Championships in Chicago this August.


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