It’s always an adventure to set out for a horse trial with family and horses in tow. This one was extra special, as Gregg was able to come with us and volunteer from the office. His first horse trail since Rolex, and probably his last. It was a great day of family, great friends, and many goals exceded.
I absolutely LOVE mini-trials for the horses who are either young, or young in thier minds. Team CEO is by far the best mini trial in the area for confidence building, friendliness, professionalism, and superb facilities.A BIG Thank You to our friends at team CEO–you guys are the BEST!
Gretchen wanted to simply complete a horse trial at Beginner Novice, with confidence on Beauty. He didn’t let her down. These two are really becoming a nice pair. A solid and steady dressage test showed improvements in the areas we’ve worked on, and room for improving in the areas we’re ready to move on to. Cross country was the confidence builder this pair needed together. A couple of stops to chaulk up to experience dropped them in the placings, but finishing with smiles and ready for more was what we’d hoped for–and we got that. Beauty is lovely over stadium, so tight with his knees and forward to the jumps. Together, they finished in 10th (Gretchen was THRILLED to get a light blue ribbon–her favorite color), and WON the award for “closest to optimum time” !!!!
Mouse made her debut in the starter division simply to get her feet wet and see how she’d do in a show atmosphere. We’re impressed by this little lady!!! She was as calm as a cucumber and LOVED her job! Although, I think the many complements she recieived went straight to her head. Elegant, exquisite, gorgeous…just to name a few. We couldn’t agee more. She went right to work in her dressage test (first ever) soring a 33% and landing in 4th place. Cross country was an absolute blast with this little grey mare. I’m not sure who had the most fun… she or Jeri? Nothing phased her. Third time off the farm, fist ever competition of any kind and she handled it like a professional. Stadium was equally as fun and a steady, double clear round brought home the fourth place finsh, on her dressage score. Oh, and she was awarded “Best Cross Country Ride”. Did we mention that this was her first ever competition???
Our beloved Teddy was by far, the most fun to ride. He was confident and in the zone the entire day. Scoring a 23% in dressage set him up to be in the lead by several points in his division.
Cross country was an absolute blast on him. He went fast and double clear to remain in the lead and enter stadium with a rail in hand. Unfortunately, we needed two rails in hand. A split second decision on Jeri’s part and a lazy set of legs on Teddy’s part dropped two rails, and two placings to finish in 3rd. Teddy was also awarded Dressage champion and we couldn’t be happier with our group of horses.
A HUGE Thank you to Rachel for feeding the horses at home while we were away. Thanks to Lourie for acting as the Indy Pit Crew for us all day and taking these wonderful photos.


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