Team Challenge

Teddy stadium

Teddy stadium

a horse of a different color AKA Jubilee pouting

Team CEO's Fire and Ice

Gretchen and Jubilee

Gretchen and Jubilee

It has been MANY years since we’ve been on a team for “Team Challenge”, but when my friend from Lexington inquired, we couldn’t think of anything more fun ! Gretchen and Jubilee joined their Lexington friends as a member of Team CEO’s Fire and Ice in the BN division. As you can see by the photos, this is no ordinary horse trial. Custom colors are common on cross country, but this event takes things to a whole new level. Oh my goodness, these girls were wild, WILD !! So, what do you get when you have four teenage girls, 24 cans of colored hairspray, glitter, duct tape, and face paint? Four embarrassed horses and memories to last a lifetime.
Gretchen and Jubilee put in a solid dressage test, scoring in the mid-thirties and landing her in the ribbons. A double clear stadium locked her into 6th place individually. She was thrilled. Her stadium was consistant, controlled, and in an egg-butt snaffle. Something we’ve been working on.
Cross country came on a gorgeous sunny afternoon in the Bluegrass state. My darling daughter was so excited to be going cross country on a multi-colored horse, with her frineds, and in her snaffle (another first) that she well, forgot how to count. Somehow, jump #12 came immediately after jump #10. There was, in fact, a jump #11 on the course. ooops. Gretchen picked up her first TE ever.
I took my beloved green horse, Teddy and joined Team CEO’s Irish Invasion team. We were the ‘old ladies’ of the group and chose to leave the colored hairspray on the shelves. However, a little face paint made it’s way onto the horses in the shape of a shamrock, in honor of everyone’s Irish roots.
Teddy is my favorite. He is out of my favorite mare of all time, and my own stallion. We are learning so much from each other with every stride and my goal with Teddy was simply to put some miles on him and complete the horse trial…and have FUN !! Teddy’s goal was to avoid looking as colorful as Jubilee did before cross country.
Double clear in both stadium and cross country left Teddy in 11th place individually and more confident for the next time. Special Thanks to Jesse for taking care of everyone at home while we were away for the weekend. Kelly for his magic fingers to make Teddy feel better. Megan for her help and friendship. Grant for opening so many gates when we go x-c schooling and never complaining. Mr. Martin, for seeing that our wheels will get us there safely !
Gretchen for finishing Teddy’s braids before dressage when Mom ran out of time. 🙂


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